Clubs and Activities

We have a wide range of clubs and activities and we want all students to participate and make the most of their time in school. Extra-curricular activities are updated every half term. We also run additional GCSE revision and intervention sessions for all students in the lead up to the final examinations. Lists are on every tutor notice board.

The new timetables for Sports Clubs, ICT Clubs and Music Clubs are circulated every half term.

Here is the new Art Club timetable for Autumn term 2023.

Craft Club - every Friday lunchtime in Maths 4 (bring your lunch with you). Students can bring a project of their own or learn a new craft.

Drama Club - rehearsals are now in full swing for our Autumn musical production of “Matilda Jnr”. The cast will be rehearsing during most Tuesday lunchtimes in MU1 and also on Wednesdays after school until 4.15pm in DR2. Students should listen out for reminders in the student bulletin and check the schedule in DR2 to see when they are needed for rehearsals. Drama Club will re-start after the musical performances in the Autumn term.

Dungeons and Dragons Club - this club runs every Thursday after school in the library, 3pm-4.15pm. All experience levels are welcome.

Philosophy, Religion and Ethics Club (PRE Club) - this new club will run every Thursday during Blue Week lunchtimes in P&E1. It is a club for all faiths and none to explore religious feasts and festivals, including sampling the food of religious festivities. The group will also participate in philosophy for children, so that students can question, ponder and critically think about interesting philosophical and ethical issues.

Rubik’s Cube Club - every Wednesday lunchtime in MFL4 (bring your lunch).

Science Club - open to all Year 7s, every Tuesday 3.05pm - 4pm in Science Lab 4 or 6. For students who would like to take part in fun science experiments and practicals that they might not get to do in normal Science classes.

Year 11 Revision and Support Sessions

We offer additional Revision and Support Sessions for Year 11s to help them to complete GCSE work and get ready for exams.

You can find the timetable for sessions running in the Autumn term here

School newspaper

Our school newspaper, “The Summ’it”, was launched in Autumn 2022 and contains news articles, competitions, interviews, recipes and student information. A team of student journalists, editors and designers work together to create a brand new issue each term. Anyone can contribute to the newspaper and any students who are interested should contact Miss Hibbert, our School Librarian, to find out how to get involved and when the next editorial meeting will take place. You can view the latest issues of The Summ’it below:

The Summ’it - Issue 1
The Summ’it - Issue 2
The Summ’it - Issue 3
The Summ’it - Issue 4
The Summ’it - Issue 5

Duke of Edinburgh

We run the Bronze and Silver Award in Years 10 and 11. We have one of the largest cohorts of secondary school students in Derbyshire who participate and, more importantly, complete the Award every year. Please see Miss Heath for further details. You can find out more on The Duke of Edinburgh's Award website.

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