We believe that homework is an important part of school life, helping students to achieve their potential, and develop crucial learning habits. Such work should be designed to be an effective and beneficial part of and aid to the learning process and should reinforce the achievements of the child. Homework is seen as an integral and important part of the school’s home liaison strategy and as a partnership between teachers, students and parents. There are sanctions for students who fail to complete homework and these include lunchtime and after school detentions. All students are expected to bring a personal diary to school to note deadlines.

  • All students in years 7 and 8 have a weekly homework of 45 minutes in maths, English, science and modern foreign languages.
  • All other subjects set 2 week project style homework according to the rota.
  • These subjects may well also set short homework tasks as and when required, for example research, preparation for tests, extending classwork tasks etc.
  • Each project has an approximate 4 hour time expectation with differentiated outcomes. Students will be told the assessment criteria when the piece is set.
  • All homework tasks are available on Show My Homework and if students need paper copies of tasks they can collect these from Pupil Reception or class teachers.
  • If you have any queries please contact the subject teacher or the Curriculum Learning Manager for the department in the first instance.
  • Please see the current rota.

In years 9, 10 and 11, homework is set on a regular basis in all subjects. It is essential that homework is completed to a high standard and on time. Homework should be regarded as forming only part of the additional learning that students need to complete if they are to be successful at GCSE. There is always additional research, revision and further reading that can be done and there are many online revision resources to help with this.

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