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Keeping Safe

We teach children about keeping safe in the widest sense and in an age appropriate manner through our Learning for Life programme and we update this regularly to address current issues. Our tutors and Pastoral Leaders monitor students closely and we use a range of external agencies to support students’ physical and mental wellbeing. If you have concerns about the wellbeing of a child you can:

  • Contact us at school and we will follow both our and the Local Authority’s safeguarding procedures
  • Call Derbyshire County Council direct 01629 533190

If you are seeking support for your family, you can either speak to us and we will refer you on appropriately or you can visit Derbyshire County Council’s support for families web page for further information.

Online Safety

Children today have access to and are influenced by a range of media and need guidance and support in order to know how to make best use of new technology without putting themselves at risk. We address this through our Learning for Life programme and through work in ICT lessons but parents will clearly play the biggest role in monitoring children’s use of social media. This can be a daunting task and keeping in touch with new developments is very challenging.

This page aims to provide you with information and links to further sources of advice to help you in this.

Thinkuknow: parents
The latest information to help parents understand the internet and realise what the risks are, so that they can support their children's internet use.

Thinkuknow: students
The latest information on the sites teenagers like to visit, mobiles and new technology.

Parental Controls

At school, we filter all internet content and students have restricted access to the internet on the school network. We cannot, of course, prevent students accessing the internet on mobile devices. We do, however, insist that mobile devices are switched off and in bags during the school day.

Parents can apply the same restrictions at home by ensuring that their computers, laptops and other devices with internet access (like mobile phones, tablets and games consoles) are all fitted with parental controls and or appropriate filters. Free downloadable versions can be found online, or by contacting your internet service provider for more information.

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