We have two clear expectations of all students:

  • To act in a way that allows everyone to learn successfully.
  • To behave in a way that allows everyone to feel happy and safe.

We expect students to follow our REAL code:

R – be Respectful
E – be Engaged in all aspects of their learning
A – Aspire to achieve their best in any endeavour
L – Learn in every situation within school


Students are awarded REAL points for positive achievement either in the classroom or around school. Prizes are awarded for students with the highest number of REAL points per week and points contribute to house point totals.


If you do not follow our code, a negative point is added for each of these steps taken:

  • WARN – the student is warned to change their behaviour to meet school expectations
  • SANCTION – if the poor/disruptive behaviour persists then the student receives a sanction in the form of a detention
  • RELOCATE – if the sanction does not cause the student to rethink their poor behaviour, the student will be relocated to another classroom to minimise the disruption of the learning on other members of the class and further sanctions apply.
  • ON CALL - continuing poor behaviour will result in the student being removed from the lesson by a member of SLG or the pastoral team and further sanctions apply.

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