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Indie rock band share mental health messages

Students in Years 7 to 9 were treated to a spectacular live concert in school with up-and-coming indie rockers, The Mercians, just before the half term break. The band performed a selection of their own hits as well as popular songs by Arctic Monkeys and Amy Winehouse. Students loved singing and dancing along in what was for many a very first concert experience. One student said, "They were awesome! I want to see them on tour now." The band chatted enthusiastically to students after the show and many came away with autographs to take home.

The Mercians were also keen to talk to the crowd about mental health and the issues they had experienced growing up. They emphasised the importance of seeking help and treating each other fairly, respecting everyone for their differences, whether that be gender, race or sexuality. The band also spoke to students about engaging with others online and thinking carefully about what you post. One student commented, "It was good to hear them talking about their own problems. It made me think a lot more about myself." The group’s final message to students was a simple but important one - just be nice!

This amazing activity formed part of our “Learning For Life” programme in school which aims to help students to be happy and safe in their lives. This curriculum allows time for students to consider politics and social issues, to reflect on the big topics of our age and to consider the difficult questions these raise.

A huge thank you to The Mercians for treating our students to a brilliant concert and for sharing their own experiences and mental health advice.

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