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Year 8s build electric karts in STEM project

In January all of our Year 8s worked on a special STEM project (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) to design and build a model electric kart. They worked together in teams in the hall to come up with a successful design which they then constructed from card, wood and foam. The students then followed instructions to power the kart with an electric motor driven propeller, ensuring that all of the pieces were assembled correctly so that their kart moved. In the testing stages, some teams found that their karts moved backwards instead of forwards!

The project has helped to improve our Year 8’s teamwork and time management skills as they worked in groups to meet a deadline. The teams also had to have a keen eye for detail and an appreciation of how to reduce resistance forces in order to create a successful working kart. Once their models were ready, students tested their vehicles on a track to see which one could travel the furthest in a straight line.

Mr Poole, Science Teacher, said:

“The teams did really well - all of them built karts that worked. Some teams even managed to complete the entire track. Well done to all the Year 8s involved.”

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