The Geography department at Chapel-en-le-Frith High School is dynamic and innovative, we aim to develop students’ understanding of the world in which we live and broaden their horizons, encouraging them to develop a greater global awareness. The subject is delivered by experienced Geography specialists.

Years 7-9

Students are taught in mixed ability teaching groups in years 7 and 8, and 9 and we follow the National Curriculum.

Year 7 Topics include:
Geology and National Parks
Map Skills
Tectonic Hazards
Year 8 Topics include:
Polluted Earth
Going Green
Rivers and flooding
Weather & climate
Extreme weather
Year 9


Topics include:
Global Development
Coastal Processes
People at the Coast
Local Scale Conflict
International Conflict
Coursebooks used Geog.1,2 and 3 Oxford University Press
Recommended websites
for research or revision

Years 10 and 11

Geography is increasingly popular as a choice at GCSE and is highly regarded as a facilitating A level choice.  Students tell us that they enjoy their geography and perceive it as an area in which they can succeed.

Qualification GCSE
Board OCR Specification B (Geography for Enquiring Minds)
Syllabus number J384
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Assessment details 35% Paper One: Our Natural World
35% Paper Two: People and Society
30% Paper Three: Geographical Exploration
Fieldwork details Students are required to attend and write up two fieldtrips.  Students investigate the effects of tourism in York and complete a local river study in Tideswell Dale.
Recommended coursebook GCSE Geography OCR B, Oxford University Press
Note: this must be the 2016 edition or newer, which is for the 9-1 GCSE.
Recommended revision guides CGP GCSE Geography OCR B: Geography for Enquiring Minds Revision Guide
CGP also do an ‘online’ revision book if students prefer.
Note: this must be the 2016 edition or newer which is for the 9-1 GCSE.
Recommended websites

Ways in which parents can help their children

The geography course is based on real places and events so whenever possible discuss current issues with your children. If possible provide a range of reference books (an Atlas will be especially useful). If you have a home personal computer then encourage the use of this, for research on the Internet, word processing and the use of Excel. The BBC new.

Educational Visits

The Geography department organises numerous trips and opportunities to explore our fantastic local environment which change year on year.

Ofsted Outstanding School
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